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Odisha is well-known globally for its famous deity called “Lord Jagannath” or “Puri Jagannath”. Puri is found on the eastern side of Odisha, along the shores of the Bay of Bengal. It represents the identity of Odisha worldwide. The Lord Jagannath temple, considered one of the top spiritual destinations among the four dhams in India, is located here. Puri is a stunning city in Odisha, situated about 60 km away from the state capital, Bhubaneswar.

Odisha is famous around the world for its big name “Lord Jagannath” or “Puri Jagannath”. Puri is located on the East side of Odisha and the bank of the Bay of Bengal. It carries the identification of Odisha in all worlds. Lord Jagannath temple which is one of the best spiritual places among all 4 dhams in India is situated here. It is a very beautiful city of Odisha & is situated at a distance of 60 Km from state capital Bhubaneswar.

Facts regarding Puri and Lord Jagannath

Before reaching Puri town, you will come across the ancient “Atharanala” Bridge. Puri is renowned as one of the four sacred dhams in India. The Jagannath temple, one of the oldest temples in the country, is located here. Originally built by King Indraduymna, it was later reconstructed by Ananga Bhima Deva in 1174 CE. Puri is also known by various names such as Shreekhetra, Shankhakhetra, Purusottam Dham, and Jagannath Dham. Inside the temple, you can find the idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Maa Subhadra, and Sudarsan. The temple’s surroundings exude a spiritual atmosphere that engulfs devotees in Jagannath bhakti. The wide road in front of the temple is called “Bada Danda” while the temple itself is referred to as “Bada Deula,” and Lord Jagannath is known as “Bada Thakura.” Bada Deula is one of the largest temples in India, covering an area of approximately 420,000 square feet. The temple complex is enclosed by a 20-foot-high fortified wall named “Meghanad Pacheri.” There are four gates in each direction for entry into the temple. The main gate, facing east, is called “Singha Dwara,” adorned with two lion statues. The north gate is known as “Hasti Dwara,” with two elephant statues. The west gate is called “Vyghra Dwara,” featuring two tiger statues, and the south gate is named “Ashwa Dwara,” with two horse statues. Within the temple premises, there are around 30 small and large temples surrounding the main temple. Notable ones include the Mahalaxmi Temple, Bimala Temple, Bata Ganesh Temple, and Nabagraha Temple. The temple is generally open from Morning 5 AM to Night 10 PM, and Mahaprasad (sacred food) is available throughout the day at Anandabazar, with new Mahaprasad arriving after 2 PM every day. The Shreemandir hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, with the Ratha Yatra (Car Festival) being one of the grandest and most anticipated Hindu festivals worldwide.

Facts about Puri’s Coastal Area

Puri Sea Beach is located approximately 2 kilometers away from Jagannath temple. It is a stunning place where you can admire the beauty of both sunrise and sunset. At Puri Sea Beach, you can explore numerous temporary shops that sell handicraft items like sankha and samuka in the evening. Additionally, stalls are offering delicious seafood for you to savor. Puri Sea Beach is renowned as one of the most picturesque sea beaches in India.

Golden Beach in Puri is a ‘Blue Flag’ certified beach that spans 870 meters from Digabareni Square to Mayfair Hotel. Visitors can enjoy amenities such as public toilets, changing rooms, shows, watch towers, solar lights, seating areas, and a designated swimming zone.

Directions to Puri

Puri is easily accessible from Bhubaneswar by bus or train. The distance between the two cities is approximately 60 Km and buses to Puri are available every 15 minutes from Kalpana. Alternatively, you can also hire a taxi. Puri is well connected to major cities in India through the train route, but flight services are only available up to Bhubaneswar. In Puri, there are many hotels, lodges, and guest houses near Badadanda (Grand Road) and Sea Beach Road. You can choose a hotel based on your preferred location and budget. There are plenty of sea-facing hotels available along Sea Beach Road, catering to different budgets. The distance between Badadanda and Sea Beach Road is only 1.5 Km.

Nearest Attractions

Narendra Sarovara (1.2 km)

Indraduymna Sarovara (1.5 km)

Loknath Temple (2.1 km)

Markandesvara Temple (2.9 km)

Sri Sonar Gouranga Mandir (3.1 km)

Swetaganga (3.4 km)

Govardhan Math (Shankaracharya Math) (3.5 km)

Shri Gaur Vihar Ashram (6.1 km)

Raghurajpur Artist Village (10.8 km)

Sakshi Gopal Temple (18.5 km)

Baliharchandi Temple (20.8 km)

Alarnath Temple (20.9 km)

Siruli Mahavir Temple (24.1 km)

Ramachandi Temple (25.9 km)

Konark Sun Temple (34.3 km)

Maa Mangala Temple Kakatpur (54.3 km)

Chilka (Satpada) (48.3 km)

Jahania Pira Baba (67.3 km)

Visitor Information center

Tourist Officer
Email Id:
Mobile No: 9437080632

Chakratirtha Road, Puri – 752001
Phone: 06752-222562 / 222740

(A unit of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration, Puri)
Near Town Police Station, Grand Road, Puri
Phone: 06752-252621/22/23

(A unit of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration, Puri)
Near Shree Gundicha Temple, Puri
Phone: 06752-233351/52/53

(A unit of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration, Puri)
Grand Road, Puri
Phone: 06752-222053/224561/62

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