Odisha, formally known, as Orrisa is one of the major tourist destinations of India, and lies on the eastern coast of India. Orissa is the land of the famous and prestigious Jagannath Temple, Konark Sun Temple and Lingaraj Temple which are well-known in the world for their cultural and religious importance. Odisha owns India’s largest backwater lake i.e. Chilka Lake and the biggest cemented dam Hirakund Dam, built on Mahanadi, which are also very popular tourist destinations of the state.

Due to having a diversified geographical area, Odisha houses beautiful and virgin beaches, middle to high altitude mountains, large plateaus, deep and vegetated valleys, sparkling lakes, gorges rivers, picturesque springs, adventurous wildlife sanctuaries and National parks, and gorgeous waterfalls. Besides nature’s blessings, the Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, Dhauligiri of Bhubaneshwar, Ashoka’s famous Rock Edict at Jaugada near Berhampur city and the Barabati Fort of Cuttack are other major tourist attractions in Odisha.

Climate (Tropical): Maximum temperature 45°C in April-May and minimum temperature is 10°C in December

Geographical Area: 1,55,707 sq. Kms.

Total Area under Forest: 58.135 sq. Kms. (37.3% total area)

Ancient name: Kalinga , Udra , Utkal , Kangoda ,Koshala , Trikalinga , Toshala , Kantara

Surrounding East: Bay of Bengal

West : Chhattisgarh state

North: Jharkhand State

North-East: West Bengal State

South: Andhra Pradesh State

Coastal Line: 482 Kms

State Capital: Bhubaneswar

High Court: Cuttack

Adorable God: Lord Jagannath

Number of Districts: 30

Largest Dam: Hirakud

Largest River : Mahanadi

Major Port: Paradeep

Airport: Bhubaneswar (Biju Pattnaik International Airport)

Religion: Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Others

Native Language: Odia

Other Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Tribal

State Emblem: Konark Horse

State Bird: Blue Jay

State Tree: Kadamba

State Animal: Samber

State Flower: Ashok