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Travelers, whether locals or tourists, always appreciate visiting scenic spots in India. Odisha, known as the land of God, is one of the most beautiful places in the country, celebrated for its diverse traditions and culture. The Khirachora Gopinath Shrine in Remuna, situated just 9 km east of Balasore, is a stunning temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. “Remuna” derives from the word “Ramaniya,” meaning beautiful. In Odia, “Khirachora” translates to Stealer of Milk, while “Gopinatha” refers to the Divine Consort of Gopis. This name signifies child Krishna’s fondness for milk and milk products.

The temple houses Lord Gopinatha, who is depicted in black stone and stands in bas-relief. Sri Govinda and Sri Madana Mohana, brought from Vrindavana in 1938 by a devotee named “Chaitanya Dasa Babaji,” are also present in the temple. Sita prayed to the god in Chitrakoot, where it is believed that Shri Rama made Gopinath appear by shooting an arrow.


More than 500 years ago, there was a man named Madhavendra Puri who was traveling to Puri to get some scented sandalwood for a deity named Sri Gopal in Vrindavana. However, on his way, he stopped in a place called Gopinath at Remuna and felt very happy when he saw Gopinath. He saw the preparation of a special dish called Khira and wanted to taste it so that he could make it for Sri Gopal. Unfortunately, he was not offered the Khira and left the temple without tasting it. Later, when the priest who worshipped Lord Krishna or Sri Gopinath fell asleep, Sri Gopinath appeared in his dream and told him to wake up and bring the Khira that was hidden under his garments for Madhavendra Puri. The priest found the Khira and brought it to Madhavendra Puri. Because the Khira was hidden by Sri Gopinath himself, the place became known as Khirachora Gopinath. Madhavendra Puri stayed in an ashram he established there for some time, and the sandalwood he brought is still worshipped by priests today.

Distance to the temple of Khirachora Gopinath

The distance between Bhubaneswar and Khirachora Gopinath is 200 km. The closest railway station to Khirachora Gopinath Temple is Balasore, which is approximately 7 km away. The nearest bus stop is also Balasore, located around 7.5 km from the temple.


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Panthanivas Balasore

Panthanivas Building, Police Line Balasore, Pin-756001, Tel: 06782-262048

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