Celebrating Love and Devotion: Sital Sasthi Siva-Parbati Marriage Festival

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The festival of Sitala Sasthi holds immense significance in the state of Odisha, particularly in Sambalpur and Western Odisha. It commemorates the divine union of Lord Shiva (Sambalpuri Khandua Baba) and Goddess Parvati (Goddess Sitala). This joyous celebration takes place during the month of June, specifically on the sixth day of the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha) in the Hindu lunar calendar month of Jyestha.

During Sitala Sasthi, Sambalpur town and Western Odisha resonate with cultural events, processions, and rituals. The festival is joyously celebrated by the local people, reflecting their deep devotion and excitement.

Sitala Sasthi serves as both a religious festival and a commemoration of Odisha’s lively culture and traditions. It nurtures a feeling of togetherness and friendship among individuals, strengthening their spiritual convictions and cultural heritage.

During this festival, the marriage of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati will be celebrated in a manner similar to a typical Hindu marriage. This festival is widely celebrated in many villages of Odisha. Four individuals from the village are chosen to portray the roles of the father and mother of the two goddesses, and they perform the marriage ceremony according to Hindu customs.

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