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Discover a hidden gem in our blog that goes beyond ordinary wildlife encounters. Putudi waterfall in Odisha is a true marvel, boasting a stunning backdrop of dense forests. Located approximately 222 Km from Bhubaneswar, this awe-inspiring waterfall is situated in the Kandhamal district, with the city of Phulbani a mere 14 Km away.

A stunning and expansive waterfall is the main attraction here, along with a large rock surface perfect for hosting a picnic. The water rushes down rapidly at the main waterfall, which stands at a height of around 20 meters. Eventually, the water from the Putudi waterfall joins the Bada Saluki River.

Accessing this location poses challenges due to limited transportation options. The sole route available is by road, allowing travelers to conveniently reach Phulbani via bus or private vehicle. However, the journey from Phulbani to Putudi presents difficulties as it involves navigating a challenging 8 Km stretch of narrow road in a high hill area.

If you plan to visit Putudi Waterfall from Phulbani, your only transportation choices are limited to four-wheelers or two-wheelers, as buses are unable to reach the site. This Putudi Waterfall boasts stunning natural landscapes that are truly breathtaking.

Here are some Accommodation facilities provided by the Government of Odisha

  1. Circuit House, Phulbani, Ph.:06842-253604
  2. Inspection Bungalow, PWD, Phulbani, Ph.:06842-253212
  3. PWD Rest Shed, Phulbani, Ph.:06842-253212
  4. Minor Irrigation Rest Shed, Phulbani, Ph.:06842-253634
  5. Forest Rest House, Phulbani, Ph.:06842-253617
  6. Pillasalki Irrigation I.B., Phulbani, Ph.:06842-253781
  7. Tourist Complex, Belghar
  8. Forest IB, Belghar, 06846-243249
  9. Nature Camp, Belghar (Forest Dept.)
  10. Revenue IB, Belghar, 06846-243229
  11. Revenue IB, Kurtamgarh, 06846-24329
  12. PWD IB, Tumudibandha, 06846-243242
  13. Panthasala, Daringbadi.
  14. Revenue IB, Daringbadi, 06849-245316
  15. PWD IB, Daringbadi, 06846-243242
  16. Forest IB, Daringbadi
  17. Nature Camp, Daringbadi (Forest Dept.)
  18. Forest Rest Shed, Balliguda, 06846-243249
  19. PWD IB, Balliguda, 06846-243242

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