Chilika Lake: The largest coastal lagoon in India

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Overview of Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake, situated on the eastern coast of Odisha, boasts a vast expanse of water dotted with stunning islands, where flamingos gracefully wade in the shallows. The air is filled with the melodious chirping of birds from distant lands such as the Caspian Sea, Aral Sea, Mongolia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. Adding to the charm are the playful appearances of Irrawaddy dolphins in the water, making Chilika Lake a truly mesmerizing destination.

Chilika, the biggest brackish water estuarine lake in Asia, spans 1100 sq. km across Puri, Khurdha, and Ganjam districts in Odisha. A popular tourist spot in the state, Chilika attracts visitors from all over the world, offering something for bird-watchers, nature enthusiasts, and people of all ages.

Chilika Lake boasts several well-known islands such as Nalabana, Kalijai, Somolo, Breakfast, Birds, and Rajahans, which attract many visitors due to their stunning beauty. The winter season is considered the ideal time to explore Chilika, as more than 160 species of migratory birds gather on the islands during this period. In addition to the diverse bird population, the expansive blue waters, pristine beaches, lush flora and fauna on the islands, and playful dolphins further enhance the allure of this destination.

As a popular tourist spot, the location provides all the necessary amenities for the convenience of its visitors. The floating eatery on the lake in Barkul provides a relaxing atmosphere for both leisure and business. Likewise, Rambha and Satapada are two additional locations near Chilika where tourists can enjoy endless delights. Chilika is graced with a beauty that is indescribable, surpassing our wildest imaginations; it must be seen to be believed.

Making your way to Chilika Lake

The Chennai-bound NH No.5, connecting Kolkata, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Balugaon, Barkul, Rambha, Berhampur, and Visakhapatnam, runs alongside the lake. Satapada is just 50 km away from Puri by road. Bhubaneswar to Barkul, the entry point to the lake, is 103 km. Buses and Taxis to Chilika can be found at Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Puri, and Berhampur. Auto rickshaws are available at Balugaon for Barkul.

The East Coast Railway’s Kolkata-Chennai rail route intersects Chilika Lake at Balugaon, Chilika, with the closest railway station to Barkul being Balugaon, located 5 km away.

For air travel, the nearest airport is Biju Pattnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar.

Explore the wonders of Chilika Lake

Barkul: Barkul serves as a gateway to the lake.

Nalabana: Nalabana is renowned for its Bird Sanctuary, which provides refuge to long-distance migratory birds during winter.

Birds Island: Birds Island is a sanctuary for both resident and migratory birds.

Kalijai Temple: Kalijai is situated atop the goddess Kalijai, who is the main deity of Chilika.

Parikuda and Malud: Parikuda and Malud are vibrant islands located within the lake.

Popular attractions near Chilika Lake

Nirmalajhar: (21 km from Barkul)

Narayani: (10 km from Barkul)

Banpur: (13 km from Barkul)

Taptapani: (125 km from Barkul)

Gopalpur sea beach: (75 km from Barkul)


BARKUL: Address: – Balugaon Railway Station Road, Balugaon, Odisha, India / Phone No: – 9078885514, 06756-257488 / 257388

Rambha: Address: – Rambha Road, Rambha, Ganjam, Odisha, India / Phone No: – 9078885531, 06810-278346

Gopalpur: Address: – Street Number 2nd, Gopalpur Cantonment, Gopalpur, Odisha, India / Phone No: – 9078885524, 0680-2343931

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